The Science Behind Our Products

Studies show essential oils and other natural ingredients boost the immune system and remedy health problems.

That is why New Heritage Feed Co. infuses its animal feed with these natural, earth-given remedies – to provide your livestock the best in animal nutrition. We have done the scientific research so you can raise your animals naturally, without extra medication or chemicals.

The Science Behind New Heritage Feed Co.

The essential oil blend, combined with other natural additives that are in New Heritage Feed Co. animal feed are proven, tested, and proprietary. Our product is made with locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients. We partner with companies whose chemists have been leaders in the essential oil and natural health market for over a decade.

Studies show essential oil blends and our other plant-based additives decrease dependence on antibiotic use, increase growth and wellness, supports microbial balance and complete nutrition absorption, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities as well as natural anti-bacterial benefits. Science tells the full truth and these product testimonials are proof!

Backed by Science, Proven by Animals

‘Much More of a Sheen’

Julie O., of Cold Spring, Minn., raises her poultry naturally on New Heritage feed. “I started feeding it as soon as it was developed and my chickens have absolutely loved it,” she says. She’s noticed a change in them, as well. “Certainly, all my birds are healthy and happy, but I feel like the other thing I’ve really noticed is they have much more of a sheen or gloss to them,” she says. “It definitely has changed the feather composition.”

‘Growing Faster and Healthier’

Since Ken starting using New Heritage Feed Co., he reported they “haven’t had to treat any steers. They also grow faster than with previous feed and are ready for market sooner than expected.” He found New Heritage Feed also had a lower cost, even though it was local and higher quality than other feeds he’s used in the past. “We don’t have to look for a cheaper feed that doesn’t work as well.”