Our Story

After selling other brands of livestock feed for more than a decade, Sandy Hansen-Wolff recognized a need to develop a high-quality feed line with something extra: natural, time-honored ingredients that help boost animal health and wellness without chemicals and medications. The result is New Heritage Feed Co., with premium ingredients and health-promoting essential oils or other healthy and natural alternatives. Now your animals can get healthy and stay healthy naturally.

Learn more about what makes animals stronger and healthier, agriculture industry insights, and stories from farmers and animal lovers like you.

Why was New Heritage Feed Co. created?

Sandy Hansen-Wolff’s passion for all-natural alternatives to traditional medications began decades ago when she witnessed the harsh effects of chemicals and drugs used for her late husband’s cancer treatments. 

She wondered if there were other natural solutions that could offer similar results without the harsh side effects of chemicals and strong medicines. Through research and her own personal use of essential oils and other natural remedies, Sandy discovered what others have known since ancient times: essential oils support immunity and other functions of the body, creating a natural way for humans and animals to get healthy and stay healthy. 

With a desire to bring these amazing benefits to the world of animal feed, she worked with professionals, nutritionists, and milling partners to create an American-made, all-natural, and organic feed lines that boost health naturally. Because at New Heritage, we believe pure and natural is best.

About Sandy Hansen-Wolff

Visionary. Entrepreneur. Encourager. Saver of struggling businesses.

Shortly after her husband died of leukemia, Sandy Hansen-Wolff, just 30 at the time, quickly learned that his feed-and-seed business was experiencing extreme financial stress from both his absence as well as poor farm markets. She took the helm of a business about which she knew very little and, with the steadfast dedication of employees who pulled together during a heartbreaking and stress-filled time, and customers who stood by the business during its difficult transition, steered AgVenture Feed and Seed Inc. back into thriving sales. She discovered she enjoyed being an enterprising visionary and quickly sought to learn the know-how to successfully reach a goal.

Along the way, Sandy was frequently recognized for her success and leadership, including being named in 2010 as an Enterprising Woman of the Year from Enterprising Women magazine and announced as a finalist for the Good Leader Award in Community Impact, given annually to a Minnesota business leader known for service, character, leadership, and corporate giving. Her story has been featured in numerous publications including Wall Street Journal, Minnesota Business magazine, and Inc. magazine – to name a few.

While continuing to innovate and grow her own business, Sandy’s life’s work now includes helping others achieve their dreams by speaking and working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, women’s groups, private conferences, and more.

“My desire is to use everything I have learned – and many times, the hard way – to help others reach levels of success with more ease than my own path. By sharing, others’ paths are made easier and everyone benefits.”

– Sandy Hansen-Wolff