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At New Heritage Feed Co., our passion is animal health and wellness, so you will find only the finest and highest-quality ingredients in our feeds.

We also give our feed something extra by adding essential oils and other natural, speciality ingredients, which have a proven track record of restoring and maintaining health naturally. If you prefer to raise your livestock organically or naturally, without using antibiotics or chemicals, New Heritage animal feed is your solution.

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We are a group of animal health and livestock feed professionals who believe the benefits of essential oils and other high-quality natural ingredients should not be limited to just ourselves and our families. Until now, this level of insight and science wasn’t brought to you in livestock feed. With New Heritage’s line of premium, essential oil-infused animal feed, it is available to you now! Instead of questioning the ingredients in the food or wondering what is best for your animals, find a New Heritage Feed Co. retailer or order online, and start raising stronger, healthier animals today.