Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is a core value of New Heritage Feed Co. Our animal feed is all about ingredients you know and trust, and we want you to know and trust us too. Learn more about our feed, how our company started, and where you can find our products. You have questions, we have answers.

Learn more about what makes animals stronger and healthier, agriculture industry insights, and stories from farmers and animal lovers like you.

  1. Why was New Heritage Feed Co. created?New Heritage Feed Co. inventor and owner, Sandy Hansen-Wolff, saw a need to develop a feed line that was high-quality and also that used natural, plant-based solutions for animal health and wellness. Sandy also had used essential oils as well as other nature-based remedies in her home and for her own health for many years. With a desire to bring these amazing benefits to the world of animal feed, she worked with local milling to create an entire feed line that focuses on more natural solutions as well as an organic feed that was an American-made brand that consumers love.
  2. Where can I find New Heritage Feed Co. products in my area?Check out our list of feed retailers by clicking here. If you are outside of these retailers’ areas, contact us at or order online by clicking here.
  3. What makes New Heritage Feed Co. unique from other feed products?Incorporating essential oils and other natural, plant-based alternatives in feed is a new concept that is gaining momentum. Consumers seeking proven products get easily confused in their animal feed selection process. Many large feed companies include fillers and other lesser-quality ingredients to cheapen the cost of their products. Here at New Heritage Feed Co., we take the utmost pride in providing top-quality feed that is made with pure, high-grade ingredients. We also use a trusted, patented and tested blend of essential oils from a company that has been in business for decades. Many new-age ingredient companies like those who produce essential oils, are newer to the market and have less potency to their products. With New Heritage Feed Co., Our animal feed uses top-grade ingredients with proven results. You can read customer stories here.
  4. How do I know that the quality of the feed is top-quality?All of our feed milling processes and products are produced by trusted, vetted partners who also value quality over cutting corners. New Heritage Feed Co. management and staff value moral business relationships based on trust, respect, and honorable practices that only produce the highest-quality animal nutrition products.
  5. Where do I find nutrition information for each product?To learn more about our individual products – whether it’s chicken feed, goat feed, cattle feed, rabbit feed, calf feed, or pig feed as well as all products- visit our Product Information page. This will show each variation of product as well as a nutrition analysis and product guide.
  6. How do I transition my flock or other animal species to this new feed product?It’s always important to transition your beloved animals slowly so they have time to adjust to the new feed. This is true for changes in feed brands as well as transitions from starter to grower to finisher blends of feeds. While a transition period is always safest, this feed is top-quality so many consumers find little or no challenges in making a complete switch without transition time.
  7. Why is Your Feed Pelleted instead of whole grain, like other brands? Both texture options work well. Studies lack ample support for whole grain feeds having increased and measurable benefits. At New Heritage Feed Co., we strive to ensure our feeds include all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. These important ingredients can only be included in the pelleted style of feed.
  8. Who can I talk to answer other questions I have?If you have questions about becoming a retailer, click here. If you have additional questions about our products or the science behind them, please contact us.