Customer Stories + Testimonials

When it comes to raising strong, healthy animals, the livestock feed you choose plays a big role. In a world where seeing is often believing, we know it matters how New Heritage animal feed performs for people just like you. We are people who are as passionate about animal wellness as you and understand your questions and needs.

Here is what those who choose New Heritage Feed Co. are saying about our products and their results.

“We love the extra service you provide. There is something to the extra essential oil ingredients in our calf starter. When we switch calves off of New Heritage Feed Co., they get sick and take some time to transition.”

Kathy & Neil

“I opened the first bag of New Heritage Feed Co. Chicken Layer and it smelled like a fresh pasture – the feed was so fresh and reminded me of the farm pastures from my youth.”


“My backyard chicken hobby would not be the same without New Heritage Feed Co.!”


“My chickens have been in a steady holding pattern …and they are doing great. I am still a huge fan of the New Heritage Feed Co. chicken layer and I can say I have not had anything but healthy birds! Egg production has not slowed at all this winter, and the shells are nice and strong. ”


“We started using New Heritage Feed Co. beef finisher for both our Holstein and colored cattle about six months ago. Ever since using New Heritage Feed Co., we haven’t had to treat any of our steers. They also grow faster than our previous feed and are ready for market sooner than expected. We also like the lower cost on this local brand of high quality feed. We don’t have to look for a cheaper feed that doesn’t work as well.”


“Our Brainerd store is selling New Heritage Feed Co. layer quickly. Customers like the good quality pellets. ”

Kristin, Retailer

“There is something about the essential oils in your beef feed that works. My cattle seem to stay healthy & their growth is also advancing quickly with New Heritage Feed Co.”


“So far my hens have loved the New Heritage Feed. It doesn’t crumble like I anticipated; it’s more of a small pellet, which is great. The smell is good, not sour or bad at all. Since starting the bag, I have almost eliminated all treats to really see how they would eat the feed. I am pleased to say they seem to really like it! ”


“My Stihl mechanic says his hens LOVE their new New Heritage Feed Co.”

Meg, Retailer

“My chickens love the New Heritage Feed Co. 18% Layer and they are growing well as well as laying eggs. I recently ran out of the New Heritage Feed Co. and fed them the old product they used to eat. They wouldn’t eat it so I had to make a special trip to town.”

Piccadilly Acres Owner