Rabbit Feed and the Benefits of FOS

High-quality rabbit feed is crucial to ensure a long, healthy life, whether you have one rabbit or a whole colony. Proper nutrition, exercise, and ample room help rabbits do what they do best! As their caretaker, you can guarantee they get the best of the best with New Heritage Feed. Here at New Heritage Feed, we take pride in giving you the most nutritious, high quality, and beneficial feed ingredients straight from Mother Earth herself. All of our rabbit feed products are formulated with natural vitamins, minerals, and FOS. Using these superior and, most importantly, chemical-free ingredients, we can help ensure your rabbit(s) will grow and thrive in every stage of life.

What is FOS?

bunny in grass who eats rabbit feed FOS stands for Fructooligosaccharides. A big word for a form of sugar or oligosaccharide. However, FOS is much more than that. As a carbohydrate derived from natural sources, it has benefits far beyond any simple sugar. FOS are typically known as alternative sweeteners. FOS has no known effect on blood sugar, and is a desirable option as a sugar alternative for people with diabetes. The most common FOS is inulin, which is included in many natural food products. However, they come in many forms, flavors, and varieties. FOS are insoluble fibers known for their prebiotic properties. A prebiotic (not to be confused with a probiotic) helps feed the growth of good bacteria in your microbiome. Your stomach and intestines need prebiotics as much, if not more than probiotics. These prebiotics help the body’s immune response system. Prebiotics help restore the stomach’s natural balance, giving the user increased health and vitality. We here at New Heritage Feed have found the specific FOS balance that rabbits respond to best. The FOS in our feed ensures their little rabbit microbiomes are healthy and vibrant.

What Does FOS Have to do with Rabbit Feed?

When in their purest forms, studies have shown FOS can provide support to the immune system and the overall health and well being of the user. New Heritage Feed has taken all the benefits of FOS and incorporated them into their rabbit feed products. Our supplier of FOS has been around for over a decade, and they are leaders in their market. Their skilled nutrition professionals have devised superior blends of various forms of FOS that enhance the bioavailability and absorption of our feed. The result? Improved nutrition for your most prized pets.

What FOS Are Used? And What Are the Benefits of FOS?

rabbit feed for healthy rabbits, like this one on a scale at a vet appointment While there is a wide array of FOS to choose from, we at New Heritage Feed have found there is just one type of FOS that provides the most benefit to rabbits. The FOS we use is derived from the chicory plant. Many other plant species contain FOS, including artichokes, onions, and garlic, to name a few. Each FOS is broken down differently in the body. New Heritage’s skilled chemists have found that using a certain blend of chicory-based FOS with other essential nutrients, provides the most benefit to rabbits. FOS has been shown to help balance blood sugar. By keeping blood sugar stable, there is less fluctuation of insulin. This means your rabbit has a greater chance of maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy life. More energy and less weight gain will give them a greater hippity to their hop! Because FOS helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, studies have shown it even has the ability to fight off cancer. By reducing insulin levels, the body’s natural PH levels come into balance. This creates an environment inhospitable to cancer cell growth. FOS is also an insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber binds to water in the lower intestines and colon. This allows for more consistent and stable output for your rabbit, which means less constipation or diarrhea. Much like oatmeal for humans, FOS provides more regularity for your rabbit; thus, it can also help to reduce cholesterol. While FOS has been discovered to deliver numerous health benefits, it does have some downsides. Excess FOS can cause gastrointestinal discomfort for some. Or, in rare cases, severe allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis. Most cases are rare, and usually involve an excessive intake of FOS. New Heritage guarantees every batch of its rabbit feed is formulated to exact specifications. The blend we have created is made with each element in perfect balance. If, for any reason, your furry friend develops any discomfort, we would be happy to provide you with a complete refund. However, we think your rabbits will love our feed.

How Does FOS Get into the Feed?

Rabbit feed in a bowl and three rabbits Most of the FOS New Heritage uses require a binding agent, meaning they must be used in conjunction with other more stable ingredients. We have found that by blending the feed, vitamins, and FOS together, then pelletizing the result, everything binds correctly to the vitamins and minerals in the food. This pelletization also enables us to give your rabbits a natural flavor they like. And, because the FOS goes directly into their lower intestine, it reduces any adverse effect that the FOS might have on the stomach lining. This means you get animals that crave the food without getting an upset stomach. And, your happy, hopping friends stay ready to play because their tummies are content and healthy. This means you get nothing less than vibrant litters, suitable for showing, breeding, or cuddling!

Reducing Toxic Load in Rabbit Feed

Rabbit feeding at a petting zoo Strong pressure is being applied to the animal feed industry to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals, due to the increased risk they pose to humans. Experts agree that antibiotics seem to have lost potency to kill off infections due to this overuse. Enter the rise of the superbugs, like SARS and COVID19. We at New Heritage have found that using natural options such as FOS, proves to be better at fighting off cases of flu and other illnesses. Your animals get the best quality nutrition and immune-boosting properties organically, better than any synthetic ever could deliver. This not only reduces any harm that antibiotics can cause directly to the animals themselves, but also gives you the comfort in knowing you are doing what’s best for your pet, for you, and the planet. By using our rabbit feed, you may be able to reduce antibiotics, use renewable ingredients from the earth, and do your part in helping keep our planet safe for many years to come.

We Value Your Satisfaction

Rabbit Feed in a Small Wooden Bowl Your rabbits deserve the very best. You can ensure they receive optimum health throughout their entire lifespan. We believe they can benefit from our rabbit feed. We at New Heritage use only the highest grade FOS in all of our products. Don’t delay giving your breeds the best nutrition they deserve. Contact us today about getting a bag of our specially formulated, all-natural, highly prized, rabbit feed. And hop to it!