Lamb Grower and Essential Oils

Lamb grower and essential oils may not seem like an intuitive combination to most folks. We get it, but if you haven’t considered it for your flock, you may be missing out. New Heritage Feed Co. has a 35% Lamb Grower-Finisher Concentrate that contains our proprietary blend of essential oils. Visit our website today to find a retailer near you.

Lamb Grower 101

farmer in sheep stable smiling about lamb grower and essential oils We’ll tell you all about the goodness that comes in essential oils, and how they complement lamb grower, soon enough. First, let’s do a quick overview of lamb grower: what it is and what it does.

Creep Feed

To begin with, lambs often get something called creep feed while they grow through the nursing stage. Think of creep feed as the lamb equivalent of a supplemental formula for human mothers who breastfeed their babies. Another helpful comparison could be parents of weaning babies giving their children a little bit of table food. Creep feeding is fairly straightforward. It encourages lambs early on to learn to eat on their own. Typically, lambs will have their own creep feeding area. This space allows them to eat from either a trough or a self-feeder. The feed should be at least 14 to 18 percent protein. During the weaning process, lambs learn how to chew their cud. Benefits can include faster development of lambs’ rumens and the economic savings of feeding lambs instead of feeding mothers more. This practice can make early weaning less stressful for lambs and ewes. Another additional benefit to creed feeding is that young lambs have a pretty easy time converting their feed into gain. That means creep feeding can be a great way to grow lambs bigger, earlier. Furthermore, some evidence suggests that the protein and nutrient content in creep feed may help lambs better withstand internal parasites. Keep creep feeding areas clean and well-bedded, and make sure no interlopers can get in!

Keep ‘Em Hydrated

Lambs don’t just need to eat, obviously. Adequate water is also essential. A complete feed approach means hydration, and lots of it! Baby lambs need between 1-3 gallons of water daily, and feeder lambs need 1-2 gallons.

What Makes a Good Lamb Grower

A good lamb grower must include a few things. In addition to protein, calcium and phosphorus are crucial additives to any good supplement for lambs. To prevent digestive disturbances, another crucial item for lamb grower is Decoquinate. Decoquinate is a coccidiostat, which prevents diarrhea and production loss via an infection known as coccidiosis. Mix New Heritage’s Lamb Grower-Finisher Concentrate into grain to optimize your lamb’s feed.

Lamb Finisher

Two lambs with two adult sheep in a sunlit field. So we’ve covered lamb grower. But New Heritage’s feed is a 35% Lamb Grower-Finisher Concentrate. Therefore you may be wondering: what is a lamb finisher? Typically, creep fed lambs transition to a high-concentrate finisher. For lambs on a grain diet, make sure their diet includes at least 10% roughage during finishing.

Essential Oils and Lamb Grower

spring lambs in countryside. Lamb grower with essential oils is a natural way to support growth.

What Are Essential Oils? Are Essential Oils Safe?

Let’s begin our discussion on the benefits of essential oils in your lamb grower-finisher with a quick essential oils overview. Essential oils have enjoyed a moment in recent years, there’s no denying it. You've probably heard people talking about things like tea tree oil and lavender oil. But like so many popular phenomena, you may not be entirely sure what all the fuss is about. Now, essential oils have a storied history for thousands of years. Some essential oils have been around forever. Simply put, they are plant extracts. Different plant extracts carry different properties. Essential oils include the combination of these extracts with carrier oils, which make the extracts available for varied use.

How Essential Oils Work With Animal Feed

In addition to their usability around the home - in everything from aromatherapy to cleaning - essential oils can have other functions. Specifically when it comes to promoting growth in animals, essential oils can be a safe, natural, and cost-effective antibiotic alternative. When you feed your animals grower that includes essential oils, you can feel good about helping prevent antibiotic overuse. Antibiotic overuse is a problem that affects humans and animals alike. The primary problem with this phenomenon is that it can lead to resistant bacteria. Antibiotics tend not to be effective against resistant bacteria, which have evolved to fight off the drugs. When you feed your lambs, you want confidence that the lamb grower you give them is the best kind available. New Heritage agrees! That is why our 35% Lamb Grower-Finisher Concentrate includes our proprietary blend of essential oils. If you want your flock to fight off illness, viruses, and parasites effectively, consider a feeding program with essential oils.

New Heritage Feed Co. 35% Lamb Grower-Finisher Concentrate

Man and woman holding and petting a lamb. Now that you know about lamb grower and finisher, and we’ve brushed up on essential oils, you’re ready to go. Use New Heritage Feed Co.’s lamb grower-finisher concentrate to help the immune systems of your flock’s youngest members. Mix this innovative blend of ingredients and essential oils with grains, and get the healthy flock you’ve envisioned. Whether you’re raising lambs for show, for meat, or fleece, New Heritage wants to help you attain your goals.

Begin Your Journey to a Healthy Flock, Naturally

Farmers feeding sheep . Lamb grower and essential oils can help grow a healthy flock. New Heritage Feed Co. is committed to happy, healthy, and sustainable farm animals. We know our customers care about those things, too. We want your animals to live their best lives, at every stage of growth and development. To do that, we work carefully to develop feeds that optimize your animals’ nutrition to meet their (and your) needs. New Heritage uses time-honored, natural ingredients in our feeds to reduce dependence on chemicals and antibiotics. By working with scientists, nutritionists, and partnering with mills, we deliver the safest and most natural high-quality feeds.

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Lamb grower and essential oils for lambs like this one, wearing a flower crown. Have more questions about our lamb grower, or other New Heritage Feeds? Please get in touch. We understand better than most that it takes commitment to raise flocks and herds the natural way. That’s why we offer our customers a range of feeds for different animals and different dietary needs. Whether you want to talk lamb grower-finisher concentrate, or another herd, flock, or individual animal feed challenge, we love to share our passion with customers. We care about your animals almost as much as you do!