Holiday Gifts for Farmers

When shopping for those you love, personal gifts can be easy for some members of the family. Gift cards for the teens in your life, maybe a cozy sweater for your mom. Getting gifts for farmers, however, is a whole other story. A bottle opener? A coffee mug? Farmers are a practical lot. They work hard, are disciplined, and often have just about everything they can need. So, what do you get the farmer who has everything? We are partial to our feed as a gift to any farmer. It is made from natural ingredients that consider the specific nutrition needs of the animals they feed. While you’re brainstorming, please check out our feeds for a high-quality gift that’s sure to make a difference. We look forward to working with you and seeing what gifts you choose for your favorite farmer.

Go Big with Gifts for Farmers in Your Life

Holiday gifts for farmers. A man in a ball cap enjoys coffee on a camp stove outdoors. Farming, no matter the scale, is a lifestyle. There is no offseason, and there is always something to do even at the end of a long day. Whether that be planting, planning future crops, feeding animals, and harvesting, to name a few. This schedule surely earns any farmer a break. When it comes to gifts for farmers, reward your farmer with something big. Consider treating them to a trip away from the farm. Maybe a place they’ve always dreamed of, or just going into the city for a weekend. This is a grand gift that can be made sweeter with good planning. Part of the planning may be picking the dates, as well as who will be responsible for the care of the farm while you are gone. Any way you look at it, the gift of rest and relaxation is invaluable. Equipment is another wow factor gift to consider. Perhaps your farmer’s combine just isn’t what it used to be, or you know that they’re saving for a new tractor. The possibilities are endless with these kinds of farming gifts and will definitely brighten their day. The gift of new equipment and tools can also give them an edge or help them take their operation to the next level.

Practically Perfect

A candid portrait of a senior male farmer sitting in a tractor. Sometimes, the best gift is useful and practical. A gift that will make things easier, or that they really needed. A perfect example of this is a new chore coat. If your farmer’s coat has seen better days, it may be time to replace it. The tough fabric makes the garment durable and will protect from the elements while working. Pockets are another great feature. Chore coats often have several that can hold their phone, tools, or gloves they may need to carry around. They can be found at Carhartt, L.L. Bean, and many other merchants. Chore coats make great gift for farm life. Any farmer who spends time outdoors will appreciate one and most likely wear it daily during fall and into winter. Work gloves are also a wonderfully practical gift. A good pair can last years and keep your farmer safe while they work. Whether that’s in a field or building a pen, gloves are essential. Gloves will, of course, keep your farmer warm and dry if they are working in the elements. If you want to get practical yet whimsical with your farmer gift ideas, maybe a new crop could be fun. Some unusual crops even have the potential to be profitable. A quirky crop that could be fun to raise is mini watermelon cucumbers. These cukes are small and look like tiny watermelons. They are also sold as cucamelons or watermelon gherkin cucumbers. When cut open, they are green and look very much like a cucumber. It is the outside of this tiny fruit that gives it the watermelon part of its name. A rare seed to put into your farmer’s stocking is Aztec or black corn. As expected, the kernels will grow to be black and are pretty interesting. Another beautiful and rare corn is glass gem corn, whose kernels turn out to be beautiful gem tones. These two seeds are just the tip of the iceberg; there are hundreds of other unique seeds to gift your farmer. Inexpensive and interesting, these options are perfect gifts to bring a smile to your farmer's face.

Sincerely Sentimental

Dirty hands holding a heart. You can’t go wrong with gifting from the heart. Even the most rugged farmer loves a truly thoughtful gift. Maybe your farmer is a fan of old farm equipment and tools. A thoughtful gift for them may be an antique plow or other items to display. Another option is restoring an old tractor or tool that has been in the family. The Farmer’s Almanac has been a staple in agriculture for well over a century. Antique almanacs make charming conversation pieces and great gifts for farmers. A custom sign can add a personal touch to any farm or home. Especially if the farm has a name or wants their home to have a personal touch. Personalized signs for the home have been on trend for some time and often fit with any decor.

(Gift) Wrapping it Up

Barn with antigue truck and Christmas tree in the foreground. Ultimately, the best gifts for farmers are the ones that help make their lives a little easier. Whether you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, or shopping for birthdays or anniversaries, you can't go wrong with this rule of thumb. In our years serving the agricultural community, we have learned that peace of mind is one of the best gifts you can give. Our premium feed provides that peace as it is made with the very best ingredients and no additives or fillers. We take into consideration the full overall health and fill our feed with nutrients not found in other feeds. There are also no medications in our feed, making it safe and healthy for animals. If you raise animals to eat or sell, you can rest easy that they are a healthy animal. Our feed is also made with sustainability in mind, and our ingredients are locally sourced. Giving back is also something we value at New Heritage Feed Co., especially at this time of year. Ten percent of our net profit is gifted to organizations that promote more sustainability in farming and raising healthy animals. We hope that we have helped you with some ideas for gifts for farmers. Find out more about our high quality feeds that both farmers and animals will love!