5 Benefits for Having Backyard Farm Animals

As wellness and sustainability are becoming increasingly popular, more people are considering starting their backyard farm. The scale of hobby farms may vary widely, with several options for backyard farm animals. Many families enjoy raising rabbits, ducks, chickens, and goats versus large animals such as cattle and horses. New Heritage Feed Company offers specially formulated, nutritional feed for raised farm animals. Whether it is dairy goats, backyard chickens, rabbits, or even large animals, we have a specialized feed for their specific needs. Our blends are unique as we use essential oils and other natural ingredients to restore and maintain the animals' health on your backyard farm. We hope to pair with you so you can raise happy and healthy backyard livestock. So what are the benefits of having a backyard farm? White goats as backyard farm animals look over a fence.

1. Healthy Dairy Options

If you raise goats, you will have a consistent supply of milk and dairy. Goat milk is healthy, nutritious, and cost-effective. The benefit of goats over cows is they are smaller and easier to maintain. Goats are more cost-effective than dairy cows, requiring less feed, and are easier to house, especially if you have a hobby farm. Goat milk is a great option for humans too. It is easily digestible, especially for those who may be lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy to cow's milk. You can also make the goat's milk into goat's cheese, a nutritional and delicious alternative. Goat's milk is tangy, and you can create a lovely spread for toast or crackers. It is also fantastic on salads, as a taco topping, or to have with sandwiches. Goat cheese can also be quite profitable if interested in selling. It is usually more expensive than cow cheese both in the supermarket and at the farmer's market. If you are considering starting a small business, then raising backyard goats is a smart decision. Backyard farm fresh brown chicken eggs in an egg carton.

2.Fresh Eggs and Meat

A major benefit to hobby farms is a constant supply of fresh eggs and meat. Chickens are classified as egg layers, meat producers, or show birds. You may choose to host one breed or several, dependent upon the purpose of the birds. Backyard farms are great for chickens as they do not take up much space and can be profitable. Both the eggs and chickens can be sold through local marketplaces or just given to loved ones. Everyone appreciates free-range eggs and meat for the nutritional, hormonal free benefits. A woman in her backyard farm with her chickens

3.Backyard Sustainability

Backyard farm animals can be beneficial for your home. Not only can they bring happiness and fun, but health to home as well. Children love farm animals. Even if you have a small backyard, you can try raising rabbits or a few ducks for entertainment. Families can consume duck eggs just as chicken eggs, and they are large, protein-packed, and offer a rich flavor. Backyard animals also offer benefits to the yard. They are natural fertilizers, so your soil remains pure and healthy as the manure provides nutritional value. Birds also naturally "till" the yard with both their feet and beaks eliminating weeds and allowing air and water space. Another added benefit for sustainability? Bugs! Backyard birds naturally feast on bugs helping to take care of pests. Fewer pests can not only provide for a more comfortable environment but can help your floral or vegetable garden thrive. A dad teaching his child to spray a hose for their backyard farm animals.

4.Farm Education

A backyard farm can be an educational opportunity for all. The animals teach children about their way of life, while adults learn to care for the animals properly. It is a way to role-model responsibility, dedication, nurturing. Families can have the opportunity to learn about running a small business if they choose to sell eggs or meat from animals. There are marketing and financial plans to understand and implement. The business can also be a way for the family to bond, especially if they participate in a farmer's market or sell at local community events. Adults in the family should allow children to participate in the feed and care of the farm animals. If children experience their care, they will feel involved and connected to animals. It is one of the best ways to teach about responsibility and service toward a common goal. Children holding their pet chickens and smiling.

5. Entertainment of Course!

One of the best reasons to have a backyard farm is entertainment. You can spend hours watching and playing with the animals. You will be surprised to learn about the individual personalities of the different animals. Not only do children find the animals entertaining but so do their friends. Adults appreciate the calmness and love animals can bring. They also provide a wonderful photo op for family pictures. As mentioned previously, chickens, as well as goats, can be raised to show. Families can enter the animals into contests at the local, regional, or national level. You may want to try to enter the state fair and make it a family tradition that can last into the next generation. Showing the animals also provides an opportunity to learn from other breeders. Enthusiasts are happy to share tips and tricks to raising healthy, happy, beautiful, strong animals.

Give Your Backyard Farm Animals the Best with New Heritage Feed

A man and woman feeding the goats that are their backyard farm animals. If you have decided to raise backyard farm animals, you will need to provide a healthy option for them to feed. If you offer them the best, they will not only be strong and healthy, but give value to the meat, milk, and eggs they produce. New Heritage Feed Company offers a locally sourced, natural food option for various backyard farm animals. We have specific feeds for chickens, goats, and rabbits. Of course, all our feeds are unique and include our special essential oil blend. We hope we have given you an idea of why backyard farm animals are beneficial and fun. No matter what stage of life your animals are in, we will be happy to add support and health to keep them healthy and vibrant for many years.