7 Reasons to Purchase from High-Quality Animal Feed Manufacturers

Chickens eating animal food from the palms of someone's hands. Just like pre-packaged human food, some packaged products may all look the same until you start reading the ingredients. There are those packaged goods made with high-quality ingredients and those made with lots of fillers. The same holds true for animal food. In human and animal diets, the type, quantity, and quality of food that should be ingested vary. The best choice depends upon the age, stage, and activities of the person/livestock in question. For example, babies need baby food. Expectant moms need more specific nutrients while pregnant and nursing. Athletes need an even different combination of protein and vitamins for their best performance. In the poultry world, chicks need starter food, and layers need more protein. Broilers need a different combination of protein and vitamins to quickly produce the most and best tasting meat. Note that each combination of ingredients has a different impact and result. We believe that animal nutrition and health starts with their diet. We also believe that naturally sourced high-quality animal food makes for a better diet. Follow below for reasons to purchase from high-quality animal feed manufacturers like New Heritage Feed Co.

The Importance of Animal Nutrition

Three red hens in an open green pasture Animals need a balanced diet, just like humans, in order to grow, reproduce, and develop strong immune systems. Excess protein can result in poor conception rates, diarrhea, and poor body condition. Too little protein leads to weight loss, weak immune systems, and poor by-product production. Excess vitamins and minerals can also lead to weight loss, diarrhea, and specific mineral-related disorders. A lack of these same vitamins and minerals can lead to weakness and poor growth. Overall, animal nutrition impacts the well-being and health of your flocks and herds. The quality of feed you supply has documented correlation to the nutritional content. That nutritional content is directly related to breeding results, yields, and your bottom line.

Animal Feed Production

Rabbit pellets from New Heritage Feed Co. For the most part, animal food consists of protein, starch, fat, and fiber. Feed mills combine these ingredients, along with vitamins and minerals, in exacting ratios to get the desired nutritional content. Traditional animal food consists of food scraps or by-products from food processing industries. For example, peanuts, corn, and soy are by-products of oil crop milling operations. Compound feeds are blends of raw materials in specific formulations for varying animal types. Feed grains like sorghum, oats, and corn are traditionally the main ingredient of compound feeds. These compound feeds can take the form of pellets, crumble, or meal. Pellets are often formed by extruding, baking, and then spraying with oils to create a finished product. Premixes are another form of compound feed often sold separately by animal feed manufacturers. They may include a mix of vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, preservatives, etc. These premixes allow you to create a very specialized feed for specific groupings of livestock. More and more, animal food companies use Least Cost Formulation, which uses less expensive ingredients to get the required nutritional level. However, using less expensive ingredients can also allow toxins and out-of-spec materials to be incorporated into the food. Although low-cost animal food may seem an attractive prospect, it can actually cost you more in the long run. Below are seven reasons to purchase from high-quality feed manufacturers and avoid those low-quality traps.

The Best Animal Feed Manufacturers Know How to Generate Results

An animal feed manufacturer holding animal food pellets in their hands.

1.Eliminating prenatal, natal, and postnatal issues in livestock

Bacterial toxins and harmful gases influence production and reproduction in livestock. High-quality animal food eliminates these toxins in the food, thus minimizing deaths throughout the breeding period.

2. Optimizing animal growth

Getting your livestock to market weight as fast as possible can have some detrimental side effects. Heart health, susceptibility to disease, and joint health are all affected by animal nutrition. High-quality feed delivers the necessary nutrients to avoid these issues while still optimizing animal growth.

3. Better tasting meat

Better protein in gets better protein out. It’s that simple.

4. More nutritious eggs

Laying hens require a specific percentage of protein in their diets and extra calcium for producing shells. If you feed a high-calcium diet too soon, though, kidney damage can occur. Laying hens will also eat their feathers (which are 80% protein themselves) if there’s not enough protein in their diet. High-quality animal food made to tight specifications will ensure you are feeding protein and calcium at the right ratios.

5. Animals flourish with consistent daily feed

You know the difference between a good meal and one made with many cheap fillers, and so do your animals. Better tasting animal food encourages consistent daily feeding. Consistent feeding allows the animals to take in the correct amount of nutrients regularly.

6. Feed less to get the same nutrition

Low-cost feed contains a lot of fillers. These fillers reduce the per-bag cost, but your livestock will need to eat more to get the same nutritional content. This low expense just became a higher expense.

7. Generates less waste

Fillers in low-quality feed, requiring livestock to eat more, also means they will excrete more waste. That’s more of your time cleaning and disposing of excrement. This again counteracts the low cost per bag of animal food and actually costs you more. Animal food costs can account for up to 70% of livestock operation expenses. Choosing the lowest cost feed available may seem like a great way to cut those expenses. However, the need to feed more and haul more waste counteracts those savings. The potential losses due to reduced reproductive performance and animal by-product yields present robust reasons to choose to buy from high-quality feed producers. Beyond the basic ingredients, animal food containing essential oils and natural ingredients has added benefits. Energy, shiny coats and feathers, and bright eyes all indicate a happy and healthy animal. Happy, healthy animals thrive and produce more.

New Heritage Feed Co.’s High-Quality Animal Food

The New Heritage Feed Co.'s mission is to create leading-edge, scientifically proven animal food. We produce all-natural animal food that yields excellent animal health. We make food for goats, chickens, lambs, rabbits, swine, and cattle at various development stages. Review our variations and formulas and learn how our holistic approach will provide the best high-quality nutrition.