8 of the Best Egg-Laying Chickens

A hobby farmer holding farm fresh eggs from the best egg-laying chicken breeds. If you have chickens on your hobby farm, it is likely because they lay eggs. It is truly an exciting benefit, and some healthy hens can even lay almost 280 eggs every year! If you are just getting started, you are likely wondering what are the best egg-laying chickens as you are forming your chicken community. As you grow your chicken family, feed them the best with New Heritage Feed Co. We have both an organic chick starter grow and an organic all flock chicken layer feed for the adult chickens on your farm. We can offer them a natural, sustainable animal food formulated with a unique blend of essential oils at all stages.

The Best Egg-Laying Chickens

Farm fresh eggs of many colors in an egg carton. You probably want to ensure your chickens lay eggs all year, every year. Let's explore some of the best egg-laying chickens you can purchase to ensure quality egg production.

1. The Lohmann Brown Classic Chicken

A flock of The Lohmann Brown Classic Chicken The Lohmann Brown Classic Chicken is the most common and popular breed of chicken worldwide. The chicken is small in stature and lays over 300 eggs per year. One benefit of having this egg layer on the farm is it does not eat as much as other chickens due to its small size.

2. Hybrid Chickens

Two red hybrid hens sitting on a fence together. Hybrid chickens are not just one breed but can be of many. One common example is the Golden Comet. Hybrid chickens are famous because they lay so many eggs and also consume smaller amounts of food. These chickens usually lay around 280 eggs per year and expect medium-sized, brown eggs.

3. The Rhode Island Red Chicken

A Rhode Island Red hen in a green field. The Rhode Island Red Chicken is easily a top egg-laying chicken, but it is also used for meat, thus a dual-purpose breed. They are popular chickens because they are resilient and adaptable. The chickens are known to be able to ward off disease. Expect these chickens to lay approximately 260 eggs per year if you decide on raising the chickens on your farm. Their eggs are brown and medium in size.

4. White Leghorns

A closeup portrait of a White Leghorn Chicken Many hobbyists know white leghorns as the "perfect backyard chicken." The chickens lay about 250 eggs per year, and their eggs are white, medium-sized. The chickens are white in color and medium in stature. White leghorns are beautiful birds with a large thick red comb. The birds may not be ideal for beginner farmers as they are known to be shy and a bit hard to tame.

5. Sussex

A flock of Sussex chickens and Rooster in a field. The Sussex is a dual-purpose bird also so an egg-layer and also raised for meat. The Sussex lays 250 eggs per year. Their eggs vary in color from brown to creamy white, just like the color of their feathers. The Sussex can come in eight different colors, but the most common is white with a black neck and black tail feathers. The Sussex is an ideal bird for beginner farmers as it is a calm bird that will free-range without getting into much trouble. They will even feed on your hand, so they are very fun for children!

6. Plymouth Rock

A Plymouth Rock Chicken portrait. The Plymouth Rock chicken is a black and white speckled chicken that is a great egg-laying chicken breed. This chicken is fun chicken for those just beginning because they lay eggs every one to two days. Ultimately Plymouth Rock chickens will lay approximately 200 eggs every year. Their eggs are brown and are small to medium in size. The Plymouth Rock is a fun-looking bird, mostly grey with white stripes. They are friendly and easy to tame as well.

7. Buff Orpington

A Buff Orpington chicken in a laying box in a chicken coop. The Buff Orpington originally came from Kent, England. It is a domestic and social chicken breed. The chicken breed tends to lay fewer eggs with approximately 180 per year. The chickens are golden yellow and have a thick layer of feathers. Another favorite of many backyard hobby farmers, this chicken is also known to feed right from humans' hands. If looking for a great bird that interacts well with others, consider the Buff Orpington.

8. Easter Eggers

A close up portrait of an Easter Egger chicken. If you want a type of chicken in a class of its own, consider Easter Eggers. They are a hybrid breed with a range of color variations, almost resembling a hawk. What makes them famous is their blue eggs. Plus, they lay many eggs a year. You can expect about 250 blue eggs per year. They range in color from a greenish-blue to a bright light blue. Their temperament is also lovely, and they are friendlier birds though sometimes they can be shy. They are swift to be able to evade predators and enemies, which works to their advantage.

Other Important Considerations for Egg-Laying Chickens

A large hen in a nesting box laying on eggs. Even the best breed of chickens are not guaranteed to lay the expected number of eggs year after year. Several factors can affect egg production, including:
  • Age: Older chickens lay fewer eggs
  • Diet: If they do not have enough protein, they will lay fewer eggs. The goal is 20 grams of protein a day for an adult chicken.
  • Daylight: Just like humans, chickens need daylight exposure for optimum health. To lay eggs, chickens need eight hours of daylight exposure every day. Artificial lighting can substitute in the winter.
Age is not a factor you can control; however, farmers can influence diet and daylight. With proper care, you can raise booming egg-laying chickens.

Get Your Egg-Laying Chickens Off to the Right Start with New Heritage Feed Co.

A hobby farmer hand feeding a chicken high-quality animal food. Once you have your chicks on the farm, it is time to feed them the best quality animal food so they can lay up to their potential! New Heritage Feed Co. has both an organic chick starter grower and an organic all flock chicken layer feed for the adult chicken on your farm. Why choose our product? We can list a few reasons:
  • Time-honored ingredients
  • No added chemicals or medications
  • Specially formulated blend of essential oils
  • A passion for the community
Contact us with questions about our animal food or how we may support your sustainability efforts today!

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