About Us

At New Heritage Feed Co., we are driven by animal health and wellness. We want what is best for your animals, so you will find only the finest and highest-quality ingredients in our feeds, which means when you buy a bag of our livestock feed, you are paying for prime, nutritious ingredients, not fillers. Many of our feeds also contain essential oils – natural, earth-given remedies that have a proven, time-honored track record of restoring and maintaining animal health. You will be rewarded with healthy, bright-eyed animals that maintain their peak condition, whether they are supplying you with eggs, competing in the show ring, or taking you on a trail ride.

A New Kind of Feed, Rooted in Agricultural Expertise


Natural healing properties found in herbs, flowers, and other plants are the foundation of New Heritage Feed Co.’s animal feed. Essential oils, or liquid extracted from plants that have healing properties, are infused in our livestock feeds to keep your animals healthy by naturally boosting their immune system and remedying health problems. Our natural approach is particularly important now, as researchers have discovered that some antibiotics and chemical additives in livestock feed can have unhealthy, drug-resistant effects on both animals and humans.

At New Heritage, we believe pure and natural is best.
Best for your animals.
Best for your family.
Small-Town Values with Big Impact

Our customers are our neighbors, our friends, and our partners in natural living and raising healthy animals. So when we sell a bag of New Heritage livestock feed, only the best ingredients will do. No fillers. No chemicals. Just natural gifts from the earth, carefully formulated to provide optimal nutrition to your animals. Because you want the best for them, and so do we.